Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'd like your input. Also, I thought of something that could cause problems for this blog

I wonder which dictionary/dictionaries to use for these posts. For now I will use whatever one is convenient for me. The two choices that seem best are Princeton's word net web, which is the first thing google uses, or the Merriam Webster site. But then, I am only basing that on their popularity, and that they show up first in google.

The Webster site has the advantage of providing an audio pronunciation of the word, while the Princeton site shows synonyms in a manner superior to a standard thesaurus, like

What happens when I find a word that is simply a synonym of a common word? Do I post it, or look for a new word to use for that day? Maybe I should make two posts a day, one of each type. I will probably do that, if I have the time. If not, I will probably just do the former... However, I have decided that I will also look at multiple definitions and piece together what makes the word different than it's synonyms, if anything. I will also provide synonyms that I deem accurate, after looking up the definition for each synonym given on the Princeton site. (eventually I will trust them to be correct. Eventually I will actually do that, as well. I found that this takes a lot longer than I would guess)

I think I will make a few posts to do with certain books/book series. When I find a word in a book I am reading that I have to look up, I will add it to a new post, or edit a former post to include that. This will work in place of having words from genres, as I initially did. (that was a post from my other blog, which evolved into something more than a word a day)

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